Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A New Case To Go With My New iPhone.

So I've had quite the adventure today with my iPhone, well the last few weeks have been interesting I should say. I've been having random intermittent problems with my iPhone over the last few weeks and even a trip to an Apple Genius didn't help, the first time. The phone was restarting, freezing, and sometimes unresponsive. Now I'm not going to blame all this solely on this being a bad phone, I have been know the drop my phone a few times and I'm sure that didn't help things out.

Today though the phone just decided to die, it just started constantly restarting itself until the battery went dead. So I went back to the Apple Store determined to get this phone fixed once and for all, and in typical Apple fashion their service was unmatched.

I explained my problems with my iPhone to the Genius, and after a bit of testing on his part he gave me a refurbished new iPhone. Simple as that. I've never had a retail experience that even comes close to the 'Apple Retail Experience", most customer service departments treat you like such a bother and a waste of their time. Just one more reason to buy only Apple products in my book.

I must admit that I'm a iPhone case snob, I could never find one that I liked. There are two main problems with most of the cases on the market: the first one is that you can't dock the iPhone with most cases on, which means you have to constantly take the cases on and off, and the second is that most cases are rubber and therefor they don't slide out of your pocket very well. But today I think I found a great solution to both of these problems.

I went with the Agent 18 Eco Shield for the iPhone for $29.95. This case is great because it solved both of my problems, the bottom half is detachable so I have a quick easy way to still use the dock, and it's made of a hard smooth plastic that slides in and out of my pockets with ease.

So here's what it looks like in the dock that comes with the iPhone, just make sure you keep the bottom piece close; you'd look pretty dumb with half of a case on your iPhone.

I also have a Universal iPod Dock and the whole case fits great if you just take out the little dock adapter piece.

Here's a few more shots of the case from some different angles.



Overall, I highly recommend this case. Even if I drop my phone and the case breaks, it's a lot cheaper to replace than my iPhone.

P.S. I would also suggest this clear plastic film that covers the touch screen and saves it from scratches and even finger prints oddly enough. The Power Support Crystal Film.


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