Monday, June 09, 2008

Apple Announces The iPhone 3G.


After months of speculation and rampant rumors, Steve Jobs unveiled the true iPhone 3G. So what are the final specs?

  • Two models: 8GB ($199) and a 16GB ($299) Huge price cut!
  • Slight redesign - The top and bottom are now curved and the back is all plastic. The 16GB version comes in either Black or White.
  • 3G - The biggest feature request, this will double your internet speeds while on the go.
  • GPS - Now the iPhone can pinpoint your location exactly and give you directions.
  • Apps Store - This will be coming to the both iPhone versions since it is just a simple software update. But now you can buy games and applications straight from your phone from anyone who wants to make applications. Notable developers are: MLB, eBay, Sega, and of course Apple.
  • Mobile Me - Apple has renamed .Mac and added tons of cool new features and a great new web interface at

The iPhone now supports Microsoft Exchange, it will now compete head-to-head with the Blackberry. (And win.)

The back of the iPhone 3G is now a glossy black (or white) plastic, the volume and the mute switch have turned to silver.

A profile shot that shows off the new curves of the iPhone 3G.

A good look at the white model, only available in the 16GB model. I haven't decided if I like ithe white or not.

One of the apps shown off today was from Major League Baseball, as you can see it will keep you up to date with the latest baseball scores. Even more impressive though, is that they will have realtime video highlights from games that are currently playing! So even at work so won't miss that amazing diving catch.

Another app that is coming out on launch day is from eBay. Get notifications on everything you are selling/buying, or even browse items all from your iPhone.

As I said, Mobile Me is Apple's new name for .Mac. What does MobileMe do?

  • Sync's your contacts, email, and calendar across all your devices. Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Instantly.
  • Give's you an email address. Legacy .Mac users can choose to keep their .Mac address or transfer to a address.
  • Give's you 20GB of file storage. Got files you want to share? Or files that you would like access to on the go, just upload them to MobileMe's iDisk feature and now you can get those files anywhere.
So now who wants a $199 3G iPhone?


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