Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bungie Day 07.07.08 Brings Gifts.

As any loyal Halo fan knows Bungie is obsessed with the number 7. in all of Bungie's mythologies, and all the games the number 7 always plays a big part. Being as such, July 7th has been declared Bungie Day. Be the great guys that Bungie is they are giving us a free map on Bungie Day, Cold Storage.

If Cold Storage looks familiar, that's because it should. It's a remake of Halo 1's level 'Chill Out' (Dude, you really need to.). So after you're long holiday weekend (here in the USA) be sure to pick up Cold Storage for free in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Here's two Chill Out screen shots for those with a foggy memory.

(Via: Bungie)


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