Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Reinventing The Xbox 360 Dashboard.

 I've never been to the website www.thefanboys.com before but after reading their article about redesigning the Dashboard, I will definitely be back.

The article is very well written and very well thought out so I suggest giving it a read.  Even though I don't really have a problem with the way the Dashboard is I do agree with a lot of the points made in the article, like ads for one.

Here's some cool new proposals:

  • A Search Function — Both to search what’s on your console and on the Marketplace. I know it’s a pain to type with the controller, but I’d still wager I can fumble around the d-pad to spell “Precipice” before I can navigate to Penny Arcade Adventures using the blades.

  • Hot Keys — Navigating the dashboard uses primarily the A, B, LT, and RT buttons. It would be nice to be able to assign X, Y, LB, and RB to specific functions in the dashboard or Marketplace, like bookmarks in a web browser. For example, if I like to check what’s new in the Marketplace every week, I could map that to the X button and jump right to it. Or if I want to go straight to my XBLA games, I could map that to the Y button and forget about moving through a number of screens to find them. As shown in this example, I’ve just mapped them to the other blades on the main dashboard.

  • Disc Tray Detail —  The PS3 lets you see a nifty little video icon to show what’s in the system. I’d settle for some box art or one screen, along with some details on my progress in the game.
  • Reversal Of Ad And User Space — In this example, the dashboard would be dominated by my content with a larger, clearly visible wallpaper or theme, and a bigger gamerpic. I’ll relent and say that there could be some advertising on the dashboard, but I’d limit it to a standard web-size banner ad and the Inside Xbox feature with rolling updated headlines, because I’d hate to miss out on Major Nelson awkwardly staring into the camera.

Link (thefanboys)


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