Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rock The Vote.

I'm not one to usually delve into political banter (especially on the blog) but this year I'm going to vote, I'm going to make a difference! I took a great little quiz over at to get 'second' opinion and it looks like my vote is staying the same. has some really great resources: during some of the questions they have hyperlinks on some of the words/phrases to help with any confusion, and afterwords it gives you a percentage breakdown in each catagory. You can then further drill down into each catagory and read quotes and watch video of the canidates in relationship to the topic.

Seeing as my hot button topics are: science, internet, gay rights, and abortion, I'd have to say Obama FTW.

And McCain's top quote reguarding music "pirates":

"...does that include putting people in jail for downloading songs? MCCAIN: “… I can’t see myself doing that, unless of course they listen to some of the abominable music that tops the charts today.”

Wow, sounds like something my grandpa would say... Oh, maybe that's because McCain is 71. McCain doesn't need to be in the White House, he needs to be in a Nursing Home.


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