Friday, February 17, 2006

Console war!!?

DigiTimes Systems has reported a rather head-turning quote from SCEA exec Tetsuhiko Yasuda. According to him, "Sony does not regard Xbox as a competitor. Rather, the company may even consider working with Microsoft to develop games together." While the Xbox 360 may indeed suffer from poor sales in Japan, the idea of cooperation among the two industry giants seems wholly unrealistic to the point of mockery. According to Nintendo, the Revolution is not competing with either of the two systems--hence, in the upcoming console wars, none of the consoles are actually fighting each other. One for all, and all for one!

Many of the Joystiq staffers have come to the conclusion that Yasuda, Ken Kutaragi, and Phil Harrison sit in connected Cones of Silence (think: Get Smart) and devise new ways to belittle the competition while simultaneously rubbing each other's backs. Yasuda's comments are somewhat surprising, but they probably shouldn't be, from what we have come to expect from the brass at Sony. To make Microsoft look humble by comparison is an astonishing feat. (Via: Joystiq)

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