Friday, February 17, 2006

PS3 is it ever going to launch?

Man, you've got to love Sony. They've got people in such a tizzy over the PlayStation 3 that not showing it off at the Taipei Game Show and reaffirming their some-time-in-2006 launch date is news. But hey, inquiring minds, right? So at the TGS, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia Tetsuhiko Yasuda stated that there's still no committed launch date or price for the console, and that they want to be "completely prepared" at launch, unlike the Xbox 360 crew (snap!). And, no, Sony wasn't showing off any playable units -- what're you, crazy? -- and merely had three mockups and the usual slew of videos. Oh Sony, you wonder why we doubt you? Throw us a bone! (Via engadget)

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