Monday, May 15, 2006

OXM: Gears of War

I just got my June OXM and there was alot of new info about Gears of War. Here's some of the best bits:

• Like in Halo, you will only be able to hold two weapons at a time.
• Using scenery called "Destroyed Beauty"(they build a structure then make it into rubble) Epic hopes to give the game a 'natural' feel.
• One level will consist of you riding inside a moving mine-cart.
• A quick reload can be performed by reloading right as your clip runs out. But if you don't time it correctly then your gun will jam and you won't be able to fire for a brief period of time.
• Cover you're using can be destroyed.
• Press the 'A' button to use cover and hold it down while in cover to climb over it or to use the SWAT turn.
• 7 types of Locust enemies: "Drone, Brumark, Berserker, Theron Guard, Boomer, Wretch, and Corpser"
• There can be from 1 to 3 other squadmates at any given time, and at certain points in the game you and your squad will split up.
Co-op play will be included (Second player will play as Dom).
• Left Bumper will be used to order your squadmates.
• "Point of Interest System"- Press the Y button to automatically turn your view to an object that a teammate is giving you an order about.
• Call down a laser strike (solo or with another person to strengthen it) with the Hammer of Dawn.
• In most missions you can revive a squadmate by giving him a stim shot, but there are a handful of missions where a teammate's death means failure for you.
• Find three 'Crimsen Omen' symbols throughout in each chapter to unlock achievement/s.
Torquebow- A devastating crossbow that can be blown up similar to c4. Hold the trigger down longer and the arrow can actually shoot across the map.
• The Lancer Rifle includes a chainsaw for up close action.
• Bolo Grenades are similar to Halo's 'stickies' except that they are attatched to a chain and can actually be swung to get that perfect arc.

If you don't already know, Gears of War is a third-person shooter game being developed by Epic Games exclusively for the Xbox 360. It is slated for a 2006 release and is being published by Microsoft Games. Gears is being compared, by many, to the Halo series.

Could this be another huge series for Microsoft?


Jay said...

I gotta say Gears was never a title I was excited about until now. Watching Cliffy B's demo makes me wanna tear some Locusts up. And co-op... Can't wait.

GamerFred said...

The Chain Saw gun will be the new Dual wield in this generation lol.
The reload mini game sounds really cool and rewarding for skilled gamers. Imagine sawing a fucker in half as he's panicking to unjam his gun good times lol.

Jay said...

Yea, can't wait!