Saturday, May 13, 2006

Reader Wishlist

Here a commenter had some good points on how Microsoft should improve their GUI and dashboard. While the 360 dashboard and interface were huge improvements upon the previous gen's GUIs, it isn't without fault.

Some of the points the poster had were:
• Use the "wasted space" not currently being used
• Direct copy of music files (.ogg, .mp3, etc)
• RSS Feeds
• More customization (replacing images, custom gamer pictures, different color combinations)
• Ability to un or re-install a game update.

Leave some of comments about your ideas and I'll post the best ones.


Jay said...

How about being able to boot right to the dashboard, wheather or not a game is in the drive.

GamerFred said...

A huge Dashboard Update will arrive at the end of may! It will feature a download manager for 6 parallel downloads in the background. He also mentions that there will be a lot more features in there but it will be a surprise and he won’t talk about
it! The downloads will also running while a game is played.

Thunda said...

Well if you'd just read a couple of posts down

Jay said...

Wow, that was like Deja vu...

GamerFred said...

Oops *grabs his blind walking cane*