Monday, September 25, 2006

Dear Sony Online Department,

That port above, you know with the RED arrow pointing to it, that is to connect the system to this thing called the internet. Apparently Sony has yet to fully release their online specs so you know developers can make their games to have an online component. And as Geordi La Forge would say, "But Don't take my word for it..."

Mie Kumagai (Producer from Sega) says, "Sony has not delivered the necessary information about their online network to make coding the online mode possible."

What? two months from launch and devs don't have info on the supposed Live Killer??? Wow. Activision has no info either, says that Tony Hawk 8 has no online component for the PS3. But Sony fans don't fret yet, Resistance: Fall Of Man will support 40 players online. PS3 players have fun with all that lag...

(Via: GamersReports)

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