Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PS3 Controller Dubbed: SIXAXIS

Oh, wait that's the PS One controller. The pic below is the "new" PS3 controller dubbed the SIXAXIS.

See the difference? Yea, me neither. Oh wait, they have a 360 Button Playstation Button in the middle, now I get it. Well we all know Sony has to ditch the name Dual Shock, due to some um, legal matters. But don't worry the SIXAXIS will get you to the "4th dimension".

P.S. SIXAXIS is a palindrome.

Here's some survey results regarding Sony and rumble:

Not only does the poll report that 72% of the 1,075 respondents agree vibration feedback enhances their game experience, it goes on to note that 59% of those surveyed would prefer rumble on the PS3 controller, while only 8% care about motion / tilt sensing (sorry, Nintendo). As if these numbers didn't paint a clear enough picture of the message Immersion is trying to convey, two further questions spell it out even more explicitly: when asked if the lack of rumble capabilities would affect their buying decisions (apparently 74% of those polled weren't even aware of the "no rumble" policy -- clearly no Engadget readers amongst that bunch), 5% said that it would definitely cause them not to buy a PS3 and 32% claimed that they were less likely to pick one up for this reason and this reason alone.

(Via: Engadget)

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