Monday, September 04, 2006

PS3 Loads Games As Slow As Well... The PS2.

Former Sony employee Mark DeLoura on the Blu-Ray Drive:

"Admittedly, Blu-Ray looks dicey from several non-capacity angles. Blu-Ray movies require a 1.5x Blu-Ray drive, or 54Mbits/second. Sony announced that PS3 uses a 2x BD drive, which is 72Mbits/second or 9MB/second. The Xbox 360 uses a 12x DVD, which should give it about 16MB/second. That is significantly faster for games and will result in shorter load times. And that 12x DVD drive should be a whole lot cheaper. (Note that the PS3 drive will do 8x DVD, and even that is faster than 2x BD.)"

I can't help but say that I love this, Blu-Ray is/(was) just a bad idea from the start. Just think how slow and faulty the first few runs of these PS3's are going to be. I've had two Xbox 360 DVD drives crap out on me, lucky MS knows how faulty these 360's have been and they've replaced both for free and rather fast. We'll see how Sony handles their own issues.

(Via: Joystiq)

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