Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sony To Cut Launch Unit In Half. Oh, Shit...

Sony in a Shocking move announces that is it only going to be able to meet half of their original projected supply of PS3's come launch day from 400,000 to the USA and 100,000 unit to Japan(?). Why sent only a fifth of your supply to your beloved Mother Country? Who know but, either way it's bad for Sony. But don't worry it gets worse: In a brilliant move Sony also stated that due to the (huge) shortage that they (now) have they are push (way) back the launch of the PS3 into the European territories. Ouch. Why does Europe always get screwed with gaming consoles? Below I took (stole) this pic from a forum I was reading and thought it was funny enough to share with you folks.

If you don't know about Duke Nukem Forever, the definition of Vaporware, just click to find out about this game 10+ years in the making.

(Via: Joystiq)

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