Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rainbow 6: Vegas Demo Impressions.

I downloaded the RB6: Vegas demo through the Xbox Live Region work-around listed here. Now keep in mind this is a violation of Xbox Live's TOS (Terms of Service), but I gotta tell you this demo is almost worth it. First off let me say how beautiful this game looks, truly next-gen. Bright vivid colors (it's Vegas baby!), explosions, fire, neon, water, this game has it all. I've been a little disappointed with RB6 games in the past, they were just shy of being great. They always had something I couldn't quiet put my finger on that made then a 5 or 6 instead of a 8 or 9. Well from the demo of Vegas things certainly look much, much better. The character animation looks good, your team move well and does not put themselves into danger like most AI teammates. Enemies take and shoot from cover, they don't over expose themselves to you. There is a new much improved cover method used in Vegas, you simply come close to cover (walls, cars, columns, boxes, etc...) and hold the LT button down. You can then look, shoot, and move around said cover until you release LT. This make taking and leaving cover much more intuitive and easy to pull off, as apposed to trying to hit A on the right spot of the correct piece of cover and A again to release you. Aside from being short (it is a demo) this is a great download and I can't wait for the game.

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