Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rainbow Six: Vegas - Yours for $50! (£25!)

image courtesy of sebleg.free.frFor those that haven't already got Rainbow Six: Vegas, I recommend it above every other Xbox360 game, bar Viva Pinata, because it is one of, if not the most comprehensive and enjoyable shooters on the 360. The Single player experience is incredibly atmospheric, having you on the edge of your seat while you nail an entry into a hostage and terrorist infested room, having tagged all the enemies inside the room for you partners to take down - *fip* *fip* *fip* go the three silenced rifles of you and your team-mates, and down go the terrorists. RB: Vegas is full of those moments. And that goes without the solid, and highly customizable online element, which i have to say, is absolutely-friggin'-fantastic.

"To the point!" i hear you yell at the top of your little lungs, alright...
Over at Play-Asia, they have Rainbow Six: Vegas for an astonishingly cheap (at least here in the UK it is) $50/£25! I have personally bought items from this site before, and i recommend them, they got Call of Duty 3 safe and sound, so don't be afraid to make the jump and order. Here's the link to the deal: Rainbow Six: Vegas - Yours for $50!(£25!)

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