Monday, January 01, 2007

A story to warm your heart.

Bungie, you're a bunch of great guys and gals. This is from Xbox360Fanboy:
Over at the Gamespot's forums pictures and a brief video have surfaced of the Halo 3 beta being played by soliders in Iraq. There are a few offscreen pictures posted and a short video showing what looks to be either the Halo 3 loading screen or the title screen. Bungie and Microsoft set up a huge gaming station to showcase Halo 3 multiplayer for the soldiers ... how friggin' cool is that? More pictures and video after the break ... salute!

Halo 3 gameplay videos:
Myspace Video 1
Myspace Video 2

Halo 3 off screen pics:

I would say the guys playing this are incredibly lucky, but I don't believe in luck in the way it is used today, I believe you have to make your own luck (karma?), and for what these people do, they absolutely 100% deserve this.

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