Monday, February 12, 2007

Cool New Phone From Moto.

This is the new Moto MOTORIZR Z8, it's the first ever "kick slider" to contour more to your face than some of the more recent flat skinny phones... Although I'm not a huge fan of Moto phones (due to their menus and operating system), what makes this phone stick out for me is a few things:

For one they are not using the crap-tastic menus that they have used in there previous four letter phones... (RAZR, KRZR, PEBL, SLVR, ROKR, Q) They are going to use the much more user friendly OS, Symbian, to work with. Two, it contours to your face so you don't feel like you're holding a candybar to your face... (har, har, har). The last cool thing that I like about the new phone is that is has a front facing camera for video chat. Now as I'm sure the video quality on this phone sucks but, just think how cool with this feature be in like five years... Just walking down the street having a video chat with your buddy, strait out of Demolition Man.

Oh, and it's about damn time Moto switched the "call" and "end" button to match every other phone company on the planet... I know they've been doing this for a year or so now, but damn that was annoying. If you want to make your phones unique, don't change highly used and relied upon buttons. Anyway, look for this phone to hit Europe, and every other part of the world before we get our hands on it. Well, atleast we get somethings first...

(Via: Engadget)

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