Tuesday, February 13, 2007

RB6: Vegas - Player Pack: Red Edition.

Here's some new info about the upcoming downloadable content from Ubi for RB6: strait from Joystiq:

...Of the two new gameplay modes, Assassination sounds like it could provide for some tense moments. One team must protect and escort a fragile and likely paranoid VIP to an extraction point, while the opposing team attempts to make said very important person a very dead one instead.

Total Conquest, on the other hand, is closer to King of the Hill, except with royalty being ordained by three seperate radar installations. As for the added multiplayer maps, two are altered versions of existing levels, namely Border Town and Killhouse, and three are brand new. These include "Doscala Restaurant," "Marshalling Yard" and the extraordinarily descriptive "Roof," which is actually a coffee factory crawling with terrorists...

This is said to be coming before the end of March, and I'm betting on it costing 800 MS points. Nothing here excites me that much other than some new levels, and I would like to know what "altered" means... Oh and this is a 360 exclusive, so if you're getting the PS3 version in March don't expect any extras...

(Via: Joystiq)

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