Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Playstation Home.

Now this is cool, and it's from Sony! This might tempt me to get a PS3... Playstation Home is a virtual world (a la Second Life) with your own createable, customizable Mii character. Pick your face, clothes, and even decorate your "Home" with furniture, pictures, videos, and music. Inside this world you can meet people and just talk or take them back to your "crib" to show them your "pictures and videos" You can also join people in some casual games inside of PS Home like, billiard, and simple arcade games. Achievements and trophy's have also been mentioned but they've yet to discuss how that will be implemented. Anyway, damn this looks cool. As the PS3 stands now I'm not sure how fun running around Home will be since not very many people have PS3 or just aren't play them. This is something I definitely want to see come to the 360, will 6 million people on Live, there would always be something to do.

(Via: Joystiq)

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