Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Ultimate iPod Car Stereo.

I can't wait for this head unit (Alpine iDA-X001) to drop here in April. I currently have an Alpine that my iPod hooks into but it has it's share of flaws:
  • I can select tracks on my iPod through the head unit by, artist, playlist, and song. Now this this might sound great but with 308 different artists, and 2983 songs clicking through each name gets old fast. This works fine for say Ari Hest, who is fifth down on my list but, Jack Johnson would take an hour to get to.
  • The iPod can not be controlled using it's own controls (Read: scroll wheel) once it has been attached to the radio.
  • So I have to start playing what I want to hear before I connect it to the stereo, since selecting a song on the iPod is so much simpler.

Now even though I have these issues with my stereo, I couldn't live without it... Even though I am right now since I have yet to put it in the new ride, but now I might just wait until this bad boy comes out.

Here's a real world pic, without any Photoshop gloss added to it. Below you'll find a close-up of the gorgeous display.

Lastly, here's a few words from Alpine on the impressive new head unit set to be released in April:

If you’ve been waiting for an Alpine head unit that you can control just like your iPod, this is it. Menus that are navigable exactly like the iPod. All search options just like the iPod, ability to view album art as you would on the iPod and fast song selection as quick as the iPod.

The bright 2.2” high-resolution screen provides clear text and crisp, full color images and menus. The display uses the same TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) technology as do most LCD screens generally found on laptop computers. This makes text cleaner, reliable and easier to read.

Color Display Viewing Modes
Easy to see even in daylight, the display also features three different viewing modes to meet your preferences:

1. Album art, song name, artist, album, volume bar, date, time.
2. Album art (zoomed in to 200 x 200 pixel), song name.
3. Song name, artist, album, volume bar, date, time.

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