Friday, March 23, 2007

Tech Tuesday...

Tech Tuesday is no more as some of you have guessed or I've told you so. While I look at ways to change my site to a proper URL and not one belonging to Google (Blogger/Blogspot), you see I have but I'm in this limbo period waiting for this lame 60 transfer time to be up. I've also been throwing the idea of doing my own podcast, it'd be tech, it'd be gaming, it'd be geeky for sure. I've already got a few folks lined up to be in the show, it will always be a round-table show (a la TWiT) so don't worry you won't have to listen to (just) me drone on and on about crap that I care about (Xbox 360, ahem...) and bash things I don't (/cough PS3 /cough). The podcast will be done over Skype due to some folks living across the pond if you will, but I would love to invite more people on to the show from time to time and get a broader perspective on the industry, so if you want to help give me a shout. Now the podcast won't start until after I get the blog transfered over to so it's gonna be a few months so to tide you over till then I've tweaking the Tech Tuesday banner on the left side of the site to make it higher up on the site and just cooler. Anyone got a name idea for the podcast, leave it in the comments.

Hope you enjoy it. (Again...)

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