Friday, March 23, 2007

Microsoft's European Shenanigans.

Microsoft's Xbox division was up to some crazy shenanigans last night over in France, first they handed out chairs to the idiots, lemmings, Sony Fanboys that camped out and wait a PS3. As if giving out chairs wasn't insulting enough to Sony on the back the chairs said, "Shouldn't have kept you waiting..." and then the URL: Oh Snap! Next MS drove a boat back and forth with the words: Xbox 360 Loves You. The boat is pictured above under some really big antenna...

Earlier in the day (it's five O'clock somewhere?) MS delivered a Xbox 360 and £146 (Seven) cases of beer to the lucky bastards at CVG for short. £146 ($193.9) is the difference between the Xbox 360 Premium and the 60GB PS3, now that's a way to make a statement! There was also a note included:

"What would you purchase for £146...? Well, for a start we thought you might like £146 worth of beer to kick start your weekend early."
Signed, "Jump in. Xbox 360. The Leader in the next generation of gaming and entertainment."

It seems to be working, here's some number from Joystiq:

Apparently the gloves are off in Europe, at French events, one store sold 50 consoles out of 1000, and another store sold 300 out of 1000. At the massive under-attended event at the Eiffel Tower, where they were told to expect 3000 people, roughly 40 people turned out..."

Wow, 40 whole people! Maybe more people will buy a PS3 after those um exclusive games comes out, do they still have any of those???

(Via: Joystiq)

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