Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back In Black.

Well, well all these nasty rumors are coming full circle. It seems Game Informer has got all the deets on the 360 redesign:
  • HDMI port with HDMI cable Zing!
  • 120GB HDD, also can be bought separately... They have people riot if they didn't.
  • It's black, obviously.
  • $479 Dollars, which isn't bad since you're getting 100GB more of HDD space.
  • Coming "Late April".
Now it doesn't include WiFi like the high-end PS3 nor does it have the rumored built-in HD DVD drive, but I'm OK with that I don't want to play Live over WiFi and HD DVD drive would be much slower in the loading department for games.

Well, I guess since Microsoft is sending me a new 360 tomorrow (since I've had mine break four times now) I'm sure they'll be sending me the new black 360... What do you guys think, do you like the black 360? Should I buy the new console or just buy the bigger HDD drive separate?

Oh, and didn't I already talk about this months ago?

(Via: Joystiq/ Kotaku)

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