Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Halo's E3 News.

These are all screen shots from the campaign.

It looks like Bungie listened, everybody was pissed that in H2 you didn't get to play more on Earth. It looks like it'll be all Earth, and some Space this time around.

Whatever happened to that 4 player co-op rumor?

There looks to be an insane amount of vehicles to drive and fly.

Here's the latest trailer showing off, again, the single player.

This is a live action trailer from Weta Studio's, to show off what a Halo movie could look like. Pretty lame if you ask me, I felt like I was watching some crappy B movie.

And just what everyone was waiting for... A Halo themed 360! Not only is it green to match nothing in your homes A/V rack, MS has yet to release if this is an: Elite, Pro, Core, or some god awful fourth SKU.

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