Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The iPhone: To Buy Or Not To Buy.

I, of course, decided to buy.

Most convergence devices claim to do a multitude of tasks, from basics (now) such as making phone calls, taking pictures and videos. To advanced features like, playing music, checking email, and browsing the (mobile version) web. All of these phones have one thing in common despite their different manufactures and feature sets: They all suck at doing anything but making phone calls. The cameras are sub-par, playing music is a chore, and using the "mobile" version of the web is a joke. Smart phone are the only ones coming close to a good web experience, and Blackberry's email is second only to being at you computer. Now incomes the iPhone.

Apple always just seems to get "it". Anyone who owns an Apple product or has just even used one know what I mean. Apple has invented some of the most import products of our time:

GUI (Graphic User Interface) so you can see pictures and objects on your computer not just command lines DOS style (above).

See how far we've come.

With the Apple II, Apple introduced the mouse. Although it (STILL) only had one button the mouse let the user interact with a computer like never before, how many of you could navigate through Windows with just your keyboard?

The iPod redefined and reinvented the portable music market. Just as the Walkman did in 80's, Apple came along and crushed the competition. Still with no (good) competition in sight, Apple holds around 86% of the portable music market. Not to mention that iTunes is the second largest music store only behind the Walmart behemoth. Even Microsoft knew better, there goal with the Zune was to become the number 2 music player, which in fact they've done... Congrats!

The iPhone looks to be no exception to Apple's innovation. I'm not going to turn this article into an iPhone overview because if you don't know what the iPhone can do by now you must have not been watching TV, reading the paper, crusin' the internet, or talking to me. It would be impossible to avoid the iPhone blanket that has covered the media these days.

Here's the iPhone compared to a "standard" phone, as you can see it's quite a bit bigger that the average clamshell. The iPhone is just as slim as a full size iPod but a smidge taller if that helps, I sold mine to get the iPhone or else I'd take a pic for you.

Now as you can see it's half as thick though. The iPhone is in a middle ground between being bigger than most standard phone, but much smaller than a typical "Smart" phone. The iPhone does have quite a heft to it though, much heavier that I expected.

This is the main screen, something to note is none of these icons can be replaced nor swapped around. See the gap between the third row and the "home" keys at the bottom, looks like Apple has got some room for a few more icons. Those sneaky bastards!

This is the first pic from my iPhone, not to shabby I've got say. This will make blogging about Milo much easier.

Here's another pic that was taken in some weird lighting, half sun/half shade. Click on the image of a full res view.

For me this device is perfect. To just have my phone and iPod as one device would have been enough. Now remember that iPods aren't just for music, you get all your pictures and videos too.

But along with the iPod I get a great way to share (and take) photos, YouTube videos stream right to the phone. Google maps built right in, to get me driving directions, phone numbers, addresses, and even POI (point of interest). Weather with a touch of a button, no more having to call a number or go to a website, or even gasp: watching the news!

Email, internet, iPod, phone, this device does it all and the kicker is that is does it all so well. In my 12 hours with the phone I have yet to come up with a major complaint but I will be sure to post them as they come up.

Would I recommend the iPhone to someone, absolutely but only if they planned to use it to it's full extent. $600 is a high price to pay to only make phone calls.

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