Saturday, August 18, 2007

Official Forge Details.

Here's Bungie's much better explanation of Forge:

The Forge
Halo 3’s Forge is a mode that allows for both play and design to co-exist and cooperate. A multiplayer focused tool, Forge will allow players to customize multiplayer maps, changing and resetting spawn points, weapon spawns, weapon timers, vehicle spawns and timers, vehicle spawn points, and add existing geometry to the map’s existing structure in the form of crates, boxes, fusion coils, lifts, teleporters and more. The amount of items you can drop is regulated by an economy budget system, with different items having different values and each map having an overall Budget that the items you place cannot exceed. By deleting existing things off of a given map, you can actually place more things. Players can modify and create their versions of maps, save them and share them with their friends, but that’s only half or so of what Forge allows.

In addition to functioning as creation-driven tool, Forge is also a playspace. Up to eight players can be on a given map at a time, shifting back and forth between their chosen multiplayer model and the Forge model – a Monitor. Players can play actual games in Forge, goof around, kill each other, play Slayer where each team designates a Monitor to supply weapons, vehicles, equipment and cover on the fly.

Also Bungie announced Bungie Pro. A yearly subscription that give you up to 24 share slots, up from the free 6 that come standard with Halo 3. Using these share slots is how you let people watch your saved films, screenshots, and custom games types. Bungie Pro is gonna run you 750 Microsoft Points (Read: $9.36) so buck up if you want to show off your best work.

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