Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome To Halo 3 Epsilon.

This is the Gravity Hammer.

For those of you who don't know what Epsilon is let me help. The Epsilon is Bungie's last big test of Halo 3 before it goes out the door to millions of players. It's being tested by internal MS staff and Bungie staff of course. For a great read on how much Bungie stress tested H3 check out Wired's Halo 3 article this month in print or on the web here.

The Brute Mauler, a Dual Wieldable shotgun!

The Plasma Cannon. The Covenant version of a chain gun.

The new Plasma Turret.

A Warthog Troop Transport, this is the first I've heard/seen this. It looks like it holds about 4 in the back.

The Brute Chopper, somehow smaller than I though.

The indestructible Elephant.

Ah, the Flamethrower.

This last shot shows off, Forge. This is a great shot because it shows the Monitor that you use a your character when building, and it shows how many damn vehicles you can put in one map.

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