Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Halo 3's Legendary Map Pack Is Coming.

Update 1:

Bungie has put out a pair of new screen shots for us to gaze over before the trio of maps gets released in the Spring. Just from these screens, this maps sorta reminds me of the Halo 2 map: Terminal.

Here's a topographical view that shows you where all the weapons, vehicle's, and equipment spawn. So get studying, so you can PWN! kill some noobs!

Ghost Town, is the first of three new maps slated to land on your Xbox 360 in the Spring. Bungie lifted the veil today off of one of these new maps, Ghost Town.

With the Legendary Map Pack, Bungie has decided to go with three smaller, more intimate maps. It is an asymmetrical map that will be best suited for gametypes like: Slayer, Team Slayer, 1 Flag CTF, and 1 Bomb Assault.

Read what Bungie has to say about all the mushy details here.


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