Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How Microsoft Can Recover From The Death Of HD DVD.

When HD DVD died a lot of people (including me) were stuck with a bunch of movies for a format that is no longer being produced. So from this point forward, if I want to buy (true) HD movies I have to buy Blu-Ray. Decisions...

I could buy a stand-alone player and spend $400 - $1,000 dollars. Just what I want, another component under my TV... I could spend $400 - $500 dollars and get a PS3. The PS3 is one of the better Blu-Ray players on the market, combined with the fact that it can be upgraded (due to the fact that it can be connected to the internet) makes it the more attractive choice.

But I don't really want a PS3, what if I had another choice... What about a Trojan Horse product that was cheap, didn't take up anymore space in my entertainment center, and did more than just play Blu-Ray disks... What if it played HD DVD's too? Who has the means, market share, resources, and technology to make this happen?

How about Microsoft.

Think about it. If Microsoft came out with a $200 dollar Blu-Ray/HD DVD combo drive add-on for the Xbox 360 it would be a win/win scenario.

  • Microsoft could 'save face' by saying they still support HD DVD and now Blu-Ray.
  • It would be the cheapest way for the 10+ million Xbox 360 owners to go Blu.
  • If you already own the HD DVD add-on (and movies) you still have one drive to play all your content, new or old. Give your 'old' HD DVD drive to a friend that doesn't have one, or hook it up to your second 360 to play HD DVD's or even regular DVD's.
  • The 360 would be (back) on par with the PS3's HD capabilities, and fully upgradeable too; due to the 360's standard ethernet port. Unlike most stand-alone Blu-Ray players out there...
  • It would cause a resurgence in HD DVD disk sales. People would no longer avoid the HD DVD section like the plague, because their combo drive plays everything. Retail wins because they get rid of their HD DVD stock, and consumers win because they get HD movies on the cheap.
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DannyOB said...

On the one hand, I would love for Microsoft to bring out such a product, but I don't really see them doing it, because you'd be putting two cutting edge tech's in one small box, which would cost, from a production stand point, a fortune. I think Microsoft will be forced to bring out a Blu-Ray player dongle thingy for 360, which I have no problem with, as long as it means more USB ports for my vision camera and wireless adapter :)

Jay said...

Yeah, but if they have just a standard Blu-Ray add-on what are you supposed to do with your HD DVD add-on??? Aside from looking ridiculous, I don't see a good way UI wise to have BOTH external drive hooked up at the same time.

So I'd be switching back and forth between Blu/HD depending on the movie I want to watch, no thanks...

Microsoft needs to take a lose, and make this happen. They can't afford to segment their market anymore than it is.

The last thing we need is another add-on behemoth a la Sega.

Sega Genesis, Sega CD/Sega 32X, Sega Master System, etc...