Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3G iPhone Rumor Roundup.

Have some questions about the new iPhone set to launch any time now? Here all the unofficial info so far:

  • 3G - What does this mean? It means faster internet when you're on the go. The iPhone uses AT&T's cellular network for internet access. The original iPhone used AT&T's older 2G network, and the new 3G iPhone will, of course, use AT&T's newer 3G network. Which means faster.
  • Front Camera - In the picture mock-up above, there is a camera lens on the upper right of the phone next to the speaker. The speculation is that along with the new iPhone software having iChat ( Apple's instant messaging program) it will also support video chat to other 3G iPhone users or even people using iChat on their Macs.
  • GPS - Most modern phones these days have some sort of GPS capabilities built in, but the iPhone is just begging for it. With it's amazing Google Maps functionality, GPS would be perfect for the iPhone. As the current iPhone stands now, it has sort of a pseudo GPS functionality where it guesstimates your approximate location with cell phone towers. It's a safe bet that true GPS will be in the 3G iPhone.
  • Case Redesign - 3rd party cell phone case maker XSKN has basically confirmed the new design of the 3G iPhone. Hell, you can even buy a case for the yet to be released iPhone on their website now! The picture below is straight from XSKN's website and clearly shows you the difference between the old and the new iPhone.
  • Storage Increase - When the iPhone first launched last year it came in 4GB and 8GB variety, today the two options are 8GB and 16GB. We know that 32GB can fit inside the iPod Touch, so it would only make sense that the 3G iPhone will see a memory boost as well. My bet, 16GB ($400) and 32GB ($500).
  • Rebates, Rebates, Rebates - When the iPhone first launched it was $600 dollars period. No discounts, no rebates, no promotions. In less than 60 days from the iPhone's launch date Apple dropped the iPhone's price to $400! Even though they gave (us) early adopters a $100 credit (genius on Apple's part) that's still quite a price drop in less than 3 months on a device that is selling like hot cakes. So this this around it looks like Apple is going the route of 99% of other cell phones and letting the cell companies subsidize the cost with rebates. So you could get your own 3G iPhone for the low price of $200, of course after you sign away your first born child to AT&T.
So be on the look out on June 9th for some "official" announcement on the 3G iPhone.


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