Wednesday, May 21, 2008

iPhone Video Converter

Whilst rummaging around these vast intertubes we living in more and more each day, I made a discovery. A discovery so that will shake you to the core of your existence. The catch? You need to have an iPhone. So, Justin and I are sorted. Now all you guys need to do is do yourself a huge favour by going out and purchasing yourself a gorgeous new iPhone, or, alternatively, you could wait for that magical 3G on everyone seems to be talking about.

So, shameless iPhone plug out of the way it's onto the video converter.
Is this thing the real deal? Well, it's not an official program, so expect the odd glitch or two, although I've not experienced one yet.
How well does it work? Very, very well. You have literally one setting to change, that's how good you want the output setting (the best of course), all you have to do other than this is drop the video file you want iPhoning and it works it's magic.
Is it fast? Not really, my computer has a pretty decent spec and handled it well, but still it took a long time, video recoding is probably the most process intensive thing you can do with your computer anyway, so this is expected.

I've pretty much had no problems with it, it doesn't want to encode like 2 of my video files for whatever reason, but other than that it recodes everything I've thrown at it. What AMAZED me was that it even recoded a 8GB (!) HD copy of Matrix Revolutions, from a format only very few programs I know of support, .mkv.

The program outputs files to the desktop by default, which I then just add to my iTunes and it's ready to sync to my iPhone, iTunes doesn't need to do anything else with it. Amazing.

Check out the thread where you can download it from, or here's a direct link. Under 5MB.

Adidat Top Tip: Use the 3rd from bottom video setting for best results.

Dan, your reporter in the tubes, OUT!

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Jay said...

Nothing better than, clicking on my own blog to find a new article posted that I didn't do! Ha ha.